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 Our professional team which is consisted of the mechanical engineers makes examination in the plants in parallel with their expertise and sectoral experiences in the machinery valuation report demands and prepares a valuation report by finding out the type, quantity, variety, current state, economic residual life, capacity, technology, productivity of the equipment constituting the industrial plant. Valuation of any kind of machinery and plant is conducted by our expert staff in a highly fast, diligent and accurate way in the valuations to be performed in the industrial field. Also, second-hand and scrap valuations are made in the market for any kind of machinery anc equipment being included into the accounting records as inventory but having no carrying value due to amortization

Value affecting factors such as technological condition, economic and useful lifetime, physical/technological and functional wear, production date, origin, brand, model, whether periodical maintenance is performed or not, service and spare part supply condition, new and second-hand value, preferability in the market, sectoral condition and portability of the machinery and equipment are analyzed in the valuation study.

Valuation of tangible fixed assets within the scope of UFRS is included into the valuation studies we conduct.

  • Complete Facility Valuation together with its Real Estate
  • Raw Material, Product Valuation
  • Valuation of Tangible Fixed Assets within the scope of UFRS/TFRS
  • Valuation of Vehicle, Agriculture Means and Heavy Equipment
  • Vessel Valuation
  • Aircrafts (Plane, helicopter, glider, etc…)
  • Pro-forma Control / Invoice Analysis
  • Valuation of Tangible Fixed Assets
  • Fair Market Value
  • Regular Liquidation Value
  • It can be monitored for the purpose of use such as Mandatory Liquidation Value.