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Makine Değerleme Nedir?

Machine valuation is the process of determining the value of the tangible fixed assets such as industrial production lines and main and auxiliary machinery-equipment, vehicles, business machines, land, sea, office furniture and fixtures, in accordance with the purpose of the necessary analysis and valuation.

The tangible fixed assets subject to machine valuation are distinctly distinguished from other immovable types along with their valuation approaches in terms of their economic life, physical wear, and technological-economic demodel risks.

  • Facility Valuation

In addition to the evaluation of machinery-equipment in all sectors subject to industrial production, it is the on-site evaluation of all tangible assets within the body of Automotive Industry, Health and Pharmaceuticals, Transport and Logistics, Tourism and Technology companies.

  • Machine / Asset Counting and Valuation

Valuation of machinery, lines, equipment and fixtures as a unit / line or singular

  • Land Vehicles

Valuation of construction machinery (bucket, excavator, truck etc.), railway vehicles (locomotive, freight and passenger wagons) and vehicle

  • Marine vehicles

Valuation of ships (cargo, passenger and service) and yachts (motor yachts, sailboats, speed boats, boats, jetski, pleasure boats, gulets, catamarans)

  • Aircraft

Valuation of Aircraft (passenger, cargo, private jet) and helicopter

  • Energy Plants

Valuation of renewable (geothermal, solar, wind, hydroelectric, biomass), thermal (coal, cogeneration, combined cycle)


The first step in the machine valuation process is the analysis of the purpose of the valuation study and determination of the value definition suitable for this purpose, followed by the valuation appraiser's use of one or more valuation approaches together. In the continuation of the process, the Appraiser needs to analyze many parameters and data at each stage.

Starting from the field visit to be determined, in terms of macro quality and features; Factors such as determining the relation of the raw material resources with limited efficiency in the facility with the environment, such as examining the property information of the limited term usage rights of the factory and the buildings in which the factory is located and classifying it in accordance with the purpose of the valuation, while determining the micro qualifications, the model model serial number capacity of the machine subject to the valuation, such as descriptive and complementary information must be determined and analyzed completely.

Makine değerleme sürecinde Uluslararası Değerleme Standartları Konseyi’ nin (IVSC) yayınladığı standartlar çerçevesinde raporlamalar yapılmaktadır.


Determining the value of tangible assets other than real estate;

  • Trading of Machinery-Equipment
  • Revaluation and insurance based valuation in the globalized world and IFRS compliance process.
  • Determination of Basic Value to Insurance
  • Domestic / International Business Partnerships, Fund or Supplier Collaborations
  • Company Valuation, Mergers and Divisions
  • Financial Leasing Transactions (Sell-Lease Back)
  • Collateral or Liability Subject of Property, Plant and Equipment on Credit Request
  • Making International Investment Decisions
  • Management Decisions
  • Expropriation, Liquidation of the Company
  • Public Offering Transactions
  • It is performed for studies such as Independent Audit Operations.

The values ​​of the assets at the date when they are put into operation and economic, political and technological developments, as well as their values ​​in current market conditions may differ depending on the use of the asset. With the globalizing world and increasing competition, compliance with the International Valuation Standards has become mandatory for companies to open up to the world, to harmonize their financial statements and to be accepted in the international market with a common discipline. In this context, firstly, the inventory of tangible fixed assets and the real revaluation of them have become a necessity that brings together different solutions rather than an accounting process.

Şirketimiz Aden Gayrimenkul Değerleme ve Danışmanlık A.Ş. makine-ekipman, tesis, kara-hava-deniz taşıt araçları, tüm maddi duran varlıkların değerlemesi, envanter sayımı ve yatırım izleme ve durum tespitleri konularında sektör içerisindeki yetkin ve tecrübeli SPK Lisanslı uzman makine mühendislerinden oluşan kadrosunun deneyimi ve bilgi birikimi ile birlikte müşteri odaklı ve kaliteli hizmetleriyle ön planda yer almaktadır.