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Law on Urban Transformation or Transformation of Areas under the Risk of Disaster numbered 6306 which means removal of problems distorting the tissue of city and creating liveable cities and which aims in Urban renewal projects the “restructuring of illegal housing areas within the city and collapse areas which completed their economic lifetime in such a way which will possess technical and sanitary standards which will eliminate all probable natural disaster risks by bringing all necessary urban and social equipment services”, entered into force on 30 May 2012 and its Regulation on 4 August 2012 after having been published in the Official Gazette.  
Aden Değerleme is a professional valuation establishment having SPK and BDDK licenses that is authorized in preparing the valuation reports of real estate located in the urban transformation zones announced as risky area and for which Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning makes renewal obligatory.  

Our Company provides professional valuation and consultancy services in the urban transformation field within the scope of valuation of risky building, new law amendments and arrangement and urban renewal / transformation with reference to article 15 of Practice Regulation of the Law numbered 6306.


Valuation Reports Required in Urban Transformation Process Prepared by Aden Değerleme

  • Analysis of Current Status and Preparation of Valuation Reports
  • Preparation of Existing Project Special Assessment Reports (reports which constitute the ground of sharing and distribution model in new project)
  • Preparation of New Project (Avant Project) Special Assessment and Positioning Reports
  • Conducting New Project Price Analysis and Valuation Studies
  • Preparation of Comparison Reports among Real Estates
  • In the first phase, it is required to make determinations regarding current status of the real estate and special assessment studies. It is seen in the market research that many developer companies make sharing and distribution in the basis of the existing state in this process. Thus, determination of the existing state is regarded as the most important phase and constitutes a basis for the sharing model
  • It is required to examine the current zoning status and possible plan changes and to take application map
  • Developer sharing rates should be determined with the right owners over the developed architectural project
  • Developer sharing rates should be determined with the right owners over the developed architectural project