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The Zoning Peace has been put into practice pursuant to the provisional article 16 included into Zoning Law numbered 3194; it is aimed to give a Construction Registration Certificate provided that conditions stated within the scope of the law are fulfilled and registration fee is paid until at last 31.12.2018 according to procedures in the event that owners of buildings constructed before 31.12.2017 apply to Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and institution and organization to be authorized by the Ministry until 31.10.2018 in order to keep the practices having contradiction to the zoning law, no license or off-license under records.

As of the end of 2018, time has been extended and thus, application date has been determined as 15.06.2019; the due date for paying the Construction Registration Certificate as 30.06.2019. Aden Değerleme provides professional zoning peace consultancy in the fields of measurement, calculation together with the mapping company that is its business partner in these phases.

Benefits which Zoning Peace will Provide to Property Owners

  • Gaining a legal statute once the constructions are kept under record
  • Cancellation of fine and demolition penalties (with the decision of committee)
  • Buildings which gained legal statute through the zoning peace will become suitable to bank credits
  • Obtaining business licenses in commercial properties
  • Building values will increase