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Our Company provides independent, objective and scientific service in valuation studies at international valuation standards in the subjects of valuation, consultancy, best use survey, project valuation, market research, infrastructure valuations through our team trained in different occupational disciplines and experiences in the real estate sector.  


  • Land and Plots
  • Commercial Structures (Office, store, shop, building, site, etc… )
  • Residential-purpose structures such as housing, villa, detached house, vineyard house, farm, etc.
  • Waterside Residence, Mansion, Manor and Historical Real Estate Valuation 
  • Shopping Malls and Groceries
  • Head Office and Commercial Centers
  • Plaza, Business Centers
  • Accommodation Facilities like Hotel, Resorts, Hostels, etc.
  • Marina and Ports
  • Fueling Stations
  • Healthcare Facilities like hospital, health complexes, policlinic
  • Manufactory and Production Facilities, Factories and Mills
  • Valuation of Industrial Sites, Organized Industrial Zones, Integrated Plants, Factories, Depot and Warehouses and
  • Plants and Mills
  • Sports centers, racetracks, stadiums, theatre, indoor sports halls, fitness centers
  • Valuation of Training Facilities like Private Training Facilities, Universities, Schools, Kindergartens and Nurseries, Dormitories
  • Resting facilities
  • Recreation areas (Entertainment Facilities and Theme Parks, Restaurants, Touring Areas, Kiosks, Religious Facilities, Picnic Areas, Playing and Sports fields, congress and exhibition centers)
  • Airports
  • Ports, storage and loading facilities
  • Railway station facilities
  • Quarries, sand and stone quarries, mine sites
  • Vessel, yacht, cruiser
  • Valuation of Hydroelectric Power Plant
  • Valuation of Wind Power Plant
  • Valuation of Solar Power Plant
  • Aircraft Valuatio


  • Rental Valuation (rental valuation of real estates to be leased or rented covers the valuation subjects due to renewal or extension of lease contracts of those leased of the real estates included into the portfolio.)
  • Right of Construction Valuation (determination of the legal conditions related with right of construction of tangible and intangible assets, rights and commodity line)

One or several valuation approaches may be used for the purpose of attaining a valuation defined by a proper value principle. Three approaches defined and explained within the scope of this framework are the basic approached used in the valuation.

These methods;

  • Market Approach
  • Income Approach
  • Cost Approach

Market approach is principally used (precedent comparison) in the valuation studies of the structures such as residential-purpose housing, villa, etc. and commercial properties such as office, store, shops, etc..  

Use of cost approach is highly useful in the properties like industrial plants. However, points to be taken into consideration in regard to industrial plants are the valuation of machinery, equipment and production line which can be worth above the building and land values. For this reason, variables such as production capacity, market share, available incentives, distance to the raw material and market are taken into consideration as well as taking diffeent items such as land, building, machinery and equipment into account one by one by making cooperation with our experts in different training and expertise disciplines.

It is highly difficult to make the valuation study of the properties in valuation studies of commercial assets yielding money like plaza, shopping malls, A and B class office buildings with market approach. The number of property which can serve as a peer one-to-one for the said assets is generally limited and it cannot be possible to make an alignment with each other in terms of qualification. Therefore, valuation is performed by making cash flow calculations with income method in addition to the research of market sales and rental values in the valuations of properties yielding money. In addition to this, analyzing the demographical and socio-economic structure of the region where commercial properties yielding money are located in a detailed way and examination of technical properties, monthly rental figures, socio-economic environment and occupancy rates of other similar real estates located in this region constitute the basic reference points of the study.

In valuation studies to be performed for Hotel, Resort Hotel, Golf hotel, SPA, Apart Hotel, Motel, Village Resort, Hostel, Entertainment Centers and Marinas, etc. assessed within the scope of touristic facility, income method is used as the basic valuation system. Items such as cost per room and income items, occupancy rates, extra activity incomes and operating costs as well as the regional, physical and technical properties of particularly touristic accommodation facilities are the most important elements taken into consideration.  

In valuation studies of real estates such as Hospital, Policlinic, Community Health Center, Health and Sports Centers, School and Private Teaching Institution for which public or private sector makes investment, it is required to assess the investments made by private sector as properties yielding rent as well as peer sales constituting the market value and to include these into cash flow analyses from this point of view.  

Recreational areas are generally designed for covering the need of province or district, examinations and analyses to be conducted in the valuation study should cover the whole city. In such properties in which research scope is kept broad, it may require to use all valuation methods together. While making the valuation of recreational areas planned onto the lands with broad surface area, valuation of particularly land is important. Besides, many criteria such as location, population of region, addressed age range are the important elements taken into consideration in the valuation analyses.

It is highly important for Aden Değerleme to pay strict attention to the following issues that are the essential parts of our independence, impartial and scientific principles we commit in the market research related with real estates.  

  • To conduct the market research related with real estates in due diligence and detailed way
  • To establish the rights of the market research by ignoring the identities of the property owners and to examine with an independent
  • To search and analyze the accuracy of data obtained from different sources related with market research in a detailed way
  • To aim to obtain real purchasing-selling prices being free from speculative sensations and to establish the sales/lease capability accurately
  • To establish sales/lease capability of the said properties under normal market conditions, to present the factors affecting the property
  • To discuss the market research from a different point of views
  • To determine the similar properties to the said property within the scope of the market research and to compare with the said property
  • To interpret the related market under the present day’s conditions by utilizing from the past data and occupational experiences

Real Estate Valuation Frequently Asked Questions

There is a need in real estate transactions, determination of purchase-sale prices, loan transactions for collateral for real estate, measurement of value for renting, insurance transactions, tax and expropriation for public benefit.

Employed full-time by the real estate appraisal firm for real estate appraisal or providing external appraisal services to the organization by signing a contract, a minimum 4-year university graduate, at least 3 years of experience in real estate appraisal and who has a “Real Estate Appraisal License” issued by the Board are called "Real Estate Appraisers".

Land and land owners, owners of commercial buildings (offices, offices, shops, buildings, sites, etc.), residential building owners such as residences, villas, detached houses, shopping centers, management and commercial centers, plazas, hotels, accommodation facilities owners, and owners of all immovable assets such as hospitals, polyclinics and those who want to buy. 

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